Everything Old is New Again – Even Wallpaper!

Amber Randhawa Home Staging, Interior Decorating

Wallpaper is Hip AgainBefore starting to fall in popularity in the mid-1990s, wallpaper was a decorating favorite for decades. Now new homeowners, perhaps rejecting the neutral tones and sterile designs popular in their childhood homes, are flocking back to wallpaper in droves. This comeback is proving that wallpaper is so much more than the loud floral patterns you remember from days gone by. Modern wallpaper colors and patterns are fresh, hip, and can help you easily incorporate other hot trends into your design palette. Whether you intend to cover one feature wall, or an entire room, check out these hot new trends in wallcoverings!

Geometric Patterns

Like the resurgence of wallpaper, geometric patterns are another hot design trend for 2019.  They can be used to bring energy to a dull interior and add a touch of visual excitement to any room in your home. Try this look out on one wall in a bedroom or den, perhaps behind a solid color headboard or couch.


Metallic wallpaper isn’t just attractive – it can truly work magic in your home. Metallics add depth and sparkle, while making the interior of your home feel incredibly luxurious. But that’s only the beginning. Because of the way it reflects light, metallic wallpaper works like a large wall mirror, making small rooms appear larger and brighter. Papering one wall in a small room with metallic wallpaper is also a fast and easy staging tip if you’re looking to sell your home.  Available colors go far beyond the expected silver and gold – metallic versions of most all colors are readily available now that this trend has taken off!

Faux “Brick” and “Stone”

If you aren’t lucky enough to have an exposed brick or stone wall in your home, you can fake it!  There are several styles of faux brick wallpaper available, from industrial to more rustic looks. This is a great way to add texture, warmth and character to a small room, like an office or bedroom, or to a larger living or dining room when used on a feature wall. Many varieties of stone and hardwood paneling prints are also available to make your home look as though a major renovation has taken place.

Eastern Influences

Wallpaper printed to mock hand-painted Indian and Japanese designs allows you to make a beautiful artistic expression for your walls. Popular ideas within this trend include delicate cherry blossoms and vast Himalayan mountain landscape scenes. Use this style in a powder room or guest bedroom, but you will want to limit additional design elements used in the space, and let your wallpaper take center stage.


Modern floral prints have come a long way! Delicate, romantic flower scenes are no longer the most popular. Instead, try a wallpaper pattern featuring tree branches, leaves, and even bird nests  and butterflies.  Unlike small flower prints, a larger botanical scene injects color into a room while looking exciting and dramatic rather than staid and overly austere. Such a scene on a feature wall is also a great way to introduce color as a backdrop to otherwise neutral furnishings.

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