Brookhaven MARTA Redevelopment

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Brookhaven Marta planGreat news for Bramley Park and Brookhaven! Brookhaven city leaders are ready to talk with the MARTA board of directors about a redevelopment plan of the Brookhaven/Oglethorpe Station. This comes two years after failed negotiations between the two parties over a “town center” proposal. In February of this year, Mayor Ernst proposed the redevelopment of the land spanning from Dresden to North Druid Hills. The previous plan included an either-story office building, a 125 room hotel, 100 senior housing units, 107 for-sale residential units, 340 apartments and almost 56,000 square feet of retail and restaurants. The new plan will be more community focused and aim to balance the benefits to both MARTA and Brookhaven. The town of Brookhaven and MARTA are working to find common ground on tax incentives to fund the infrastructure needed such as stormwater, sewer and green space. While Brookhaven is working with architecture firm TSW on a plan, no illustrations are available at this time. We are very excited to follow negotiations and planning on this great project which will only make Brookhaven and Bramley Park a more desirable area.