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Cabbagetown grew up in the shadow of the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill, which began operations in 1881 as one of the first textile processing mills built in the south after the Civil War. The mill’s workers were supplied with homes near their job, and the neighborhood that sprang up came to be known as “Cabbagetown” because of the most common vegetable seen growing in the workers’ small front yards.  Now Cabbagetown is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, and is experiencing a renaissance, with beautiful renovations of her historic homes, and a residential loft community in the old mill building. Artists, film industry workers and hip young professionals have replaced factory workers as the typical Cabbagetown resident.

Cabbagetown is still a tight-knit community, with neighbors often gathering at the Community Center or working together in the Community Garden, the first of its kind in Atlanta to be built on city property. In the center of the neighborhood you’ll find Cabbagetown Park, which hosts the Chomp and Stomp Bluegrass Festival and chili cook-off each November. Over 100 chili chefs, including both restaurants and individuals compete with their concoctions sampled by over 20,000 attendees. Cabbagetown Park also includes plentiful green space and trails, and a children’s playground.

Another point of neighborhood pride in Cabbagetown is the intricate and artistic graffiti decorating the walls of many businesses, bridges and roadways. The Krog Street Tunnel, which links Cabbagetown to neighboring Inman Park, is famous in the street art world for its ever changing colorful displays. Similar spots throughout the area have led residents to form a "wallkeepers committee" to manage the artwork, and an annual festival called Forward Warrior brings out the best regional artists to decorate Wylie Street, with the resulting murals remaining up all year long.

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"Cabbagetown is home to the nation's largest residential loft community — the Fulton Cotton Mill Lofts — which houses everyone from artists and musicians to business professionals, and anchors a tightly knit and active community."Nicholas Brown