Trends in Kitchen Hardware

Tiffany Staples Interior Decorating

Whether you are looking to update and replace your current kitchen cabinet hardware or looking to design an all new kitchen, incorporating these trends in kitchen hardware may be your ticket to making your home look as up to date as possible, especially if you are interested in selling in the near future.

Color Trends in Kitchen Hardware:
While color options are traditionally indicated by the rest of the hardware throughout your home, if you plan to replace it all, your options are essentially endless. Oil rubbed bronze and stainless steel are your most common color choices, while gold and brass started to make a comeback but are not as popular and don’t often appeal to the majority of home buyers.

Shape Trends in Kitchen Hardware: Cabinet Doors
While round knobs tend to be the most economical and are staying on trend, many homes are also featuring two screw bar shaped handles as hardware on cabinet doors.

Shape Trends in Kitchen Hardware: Drawer Pulls
We have noticed a departure from the traditional knob being used on drawers. The vintage look of the half moon, cup-shaped drawer pulls and two screw bar shaped handles are currently trending.