Staging Your Home in Winter

Amber Randhawa Home Staging, Homeowner and Homebuyer Tips

Compared to many parts of the country, Atlanta has mild winters with very little snow and ice to worry about, but rest assured, if you are trying to sell a home in winter, bitter cold and possibly even ice and snow are real possibilities. While there definitely aren’t as many buyers shopping this time of year, they are out there, and many are even more motivated than summer shoppers, so you need to keep your home showing-ready in spite of the cold and dreary days.

Safety First

The number one priority is keeping the agents and prospective buyers who visit your home safe. Make sure the driveway, sidewalk and all outside areas of your home are clear of any standing water that could turn to ice during a below-freezing night. If a little bit of snow does make a rare Georgia appearance, make sure it is cleared from walkways immediately.

Keep it Comfy

You may not know in advance if potential buyers will want to see your home while you are are work or away, so leave your thermostat set to a comfortable temperature while you are gone, even if you usually set it lower while your house is empty. Leave the blinds open as well, to make the most of any natural light that may appear on winter days. You can go a step further to set the comfortable mood by leaving soft background music playing – make sure the volume is low and the music is unobtrusive, almost as if it blends into the scene of the room. In living areas, toss an attractive blanket across the sofa to create a feeling of warmth.

Remind Them of Warmer Days

Do you have a gorgeous picture of your house in the middle of a bright and sunny day? Frame it and display it prominently so buyers can see your home in all its summertime glory. A well-placed vase of fresh flowers is also a nice touch, and will help brighten a room on a dull winter day. If you are stepping out just for the viewing, leave a candle burning in a main room with a subtle, clean scent.

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Yes, You CAN Sell Your Home in the Winter