Curtains, Blinds or Both?

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Did you recently purchase a new home, and now you’re in the midst of redecorating and replacing fixtures left by the previous owners, or decorating a new build from scratch? Or maybe you’ve just decided to refresh the look of some rooms in your home by updating your window treatments.  Should you go with blinds, curtains or both? Some rooms just seem to naturally call for one or the other, while some rooms look best with both. How do you decide which rooms need what?


Combining blinds and curtains on your windows in every room may seem like the best idea for versatility and appearance, but this approach can get rather expensive, as you are doubling the cost of the treatments for each window. You may be fine splurging like this in some rooms, but for others it really isn’t necessary. For any room where you do not spend a great deal of time, save your money and skip doubling up on window treatments. Laundry rooms, bathrooms, and guest rooms that are only used on occasion do not require the same level of styling as more commonly and heavily trafficked areas of your home. Meanwhile, you may want to consider going all out for custom blinds and curtains in living areas, formal dining rooms, and your master bedroom. The combination of window treatments in these rooms provide a high level of style, privacy, and temperature comfort, making the added investment worth the money.

Light and Temperature Control 

Natural sunlight is at the top of the list for many buyers, with shoppers looking for large windows in common rooms to maximize the warm glow of the sun, and sellers know to stage their homes appropriately to get the most out of their window walls. Sunlight can be a blessing and a curse however, because the same rays that can liven up kitchens and dining rooms can seem too harsh in many circumstances. Too much natural light can disproportionately heat up a room, fade furniture, or cause you to wake you up too early on a Saturday when you’d really prefer to sleep in. If you want to have the ability to shut out the natural light in a room, doubling up on blinds and curtains is a worthwhile investment, especially in your master bedroom and kids’ rooms. Faux wood blinds and curtains made from heavier materials are good choices if you do not care to double up, as each option has the ability to block out a majority, but not all, of the sun’s heat and light.


With so many options available in curtains, blinds and shades, the most important factor is choosing the window treatments you like best, and that fit the decor of your home. For example, if your furniture is heavily patterned, solid colors are likely the best option for your windows. If on the other hand your furniture is a solid color and material, you can get away with something a bit more daring on your windows. And keep your home’s overall style in mind – gauzy boho curtains would look out of place in a room with a more sleek, industrial vibe.

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