Your New Home – Energy Star Appliances & Tax Rebates

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So, you just moved in to a new home and now some of the appliances need to be updated. We have heard that before! Before you go out to your local home warehouse, check this out to determine the appliances that will give you more than just a shiny new look to your kitchen or warmer water when you take a shower. We are talking tax breaks!

So what exactly is Energy Star? It’s a voluntary program of the EPA that helps to save business and individuals money on energy bills and energy usage effects on the planet by promoting energy efficiency. You can read more about Energy Star on their website.

Simply choosing products with the Energy Star logo will save your bank account some serious coin, especially over the course of your tenure in your new home. Energy Star products aren’t necessarily just household appliances like refrigerators, hot water heaters or washers and dryers. Think computers, home theater and audio systems, pool pumps, windows and doors, and even hair dryers! If you are interested to see what products meet the cut that you may be in the market to buy, check out the Certified Product Search on the EnergyStar.Gov website.

Want to find out if you qualify for a tax or rebate incentive on an appliance that you need to purchase for your home? There’s 2 places to look! (Don’t miss one of them – you could be giving up money!) Tax and Rebate Appliance LookUp
This interactive webpage will give you item specifics on brands and models of appliances that you may need to purchase. If there is a rebate available, a sales tax incentive or a special offer regarding an EnergyStar appliance, it will be here. Be sure to check this BEFORE you buy. Tax Credit Information Page
This page will explain what deductions are allowed, as well as percentages. The page also explains how to claim your deductions.