Wacky Laws for Homeowners

Amber Randhawa Homeowner and Homebuyer Tips

You can do whatever you want on your own property right? Most of the time that is true, but across the country, there are some truly unique rules in place that regulate what you can and can’t do in your yard and around your house, or what sort of house you can even have! These laws are rarely if ever enforced, and in many cases even local authorities are not even aware of them. While some of these laws may have originally been well-intended, they now seem quite humorous! Familiarizing yourself with these laws may only be good for laugh, but read on and have a hearty chuckle at some of these wacky rules.

Never Mow on Sundays

After spending the work week out of the house all day and resting up on Saturday, you’re up early on Sunday and ready to tackle all the yard work you’ve been neglecting.  However, before you get started, you may want to check the ordinances in your local community. Believe it or not, many towns throughout the United States ban noisy yard work on Sunday mornings, and in some cases even for the entire day, such as in New Providence, NJ.  New York and New Jersey are some of the toughest states when it comes to the amount of outdoor noise that is allowed on Sundays. In these states, roofing is also illegal on Sundays.

Get That Couch off Your Lawn

That one is common sense, right?  You’d be surprised. In various cities across the country, local governments have voted to make keeping couches and other “upholstered furniture” on porches and in yards illegal. Examples of places where you can’t just toss a couch into your yard are Lincoln, Nebraska and Boulder, Colorado. This law of course makes sense – having a home in your neighborhood where furniture is left visibly sitting out in the yard or on the porch can drastically lower your property value.

Christmas Light Regulations

Your local town can’t tell you how jolly to be, but they can regulate how you choose to show it, and for how long. In Guilford, Connecticut, you may hang Christmas lights on the outside of your home only if they are clear or white – no colorful displays are allowed. Meanwhile the entire state of Maine has to remove their light displays by January 14th, or face penalties and fines.

No Houseboats Allowed

If you live in Georgia and you’re looking to downsize, you could be flirting with danger if you choose to go the houseboat route. Taking up residence in a houseboat on one of Georgia’s rivers or lakes is actually illegal, because in this state it is against the law to live on a boat for more than a month. Time to think of a new retirement plan?

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