Tips to Make Your Home Look Brighter

Tiffany Staples Home Staging, Interior Decorating

Suffer from a dingy lit home? You aren’t alone! Unfortunately, especially with older homes, lack of windows, lighting and the wrong light fixtures can make your home feel dark and cold. Lighten your home up and make your home look brighter with these simple tips. Pay special attention to these tips if you are trying to brighten your home to be more appealing to potential home buyers.

1. Select lighter trim. 
Dark trim might evoke a sense of warmth, but in a home that is already challenged for light, it might cause it to appear even darker. Painting over dark trim, including dark doors will give your home a fresh pallet and will make your walls pop. Choose glossy, light colors to make your home look brighter and larger than it really is.

2. Replace light bulbs.
This sounds like an easy fix, doesn’t it? It really is! Make sure that you are using the highest appropriate wattage for your light fixtures. Switching from clear or white light will also be more beneficial in brightening up your space if the hue on your current bulbs are yellow.

3. Add floor lighting or lamp lighting. 
If it’s appropriate, adding a floor lamp or a table lamp can add some additional lighting to the space, as well as serve as decorative element in your home. Choose shades with light colors and consider a glass or metal base that will allow light to pass through or reflect light.

4. Change your window coverings.
Heavy, dark draperies might not be best for your already dark space. Make your home look brighter by using sheer fabrics or ditch the blackout lining for light filtering lining and bright fabrics on your window panels. If it’s wooden window coverings that you crave, swap 2″ white wooden blinds for plantation shutters. While those plantations shutters may make a house feel like a home, they can be cumbersome in dark areas of your home and not allow as much light in as you would wish.

5. Rearrange your furniture.
Taller dressers and sideboards may thwart light from shining through to preferred areas of your home. Play with your furniture to provide for a more open concept and feel and instantly make your home look brighter.

Considering applying these tips prior to listing your home for sale is key! If there is something you can do to make your home look brighter prior to photographing your home for listing materials, it should be done ASAP.