Schools in Atlanta’s City of Brookhaven

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Looking to move in-town and not sure what the schools are like in Atlanta’s City of Brookhaven? Look no further! The fastest growing zip code in the state of Georgia is so for a reason – Brookhaven schools rank high among the options for public educations in and around Atlanta.

Brookhaven residents are residents of DeKalb County, therefore, students attend DeKalb county schools. These schools include:

Ashford Park Elementary
Ashford Park Elementary is nestled inside Brookhaven’s Ashford Park neighborhood and is within walking distance of many Brookhaven addresses. The elementary school boasts a high rating from of 7 and offers programs not typically available at other public schools such as a German Immersion Program and gifted and talented classes. Parent participation at Ashford Park Elementary School sets the school apart from other DeKalb county schools. Parents, faculty and staff place a high priority on student success and seek diverse learning opportunities for children throughout the community and in the classroom. Test scores at Ashford Park Elementary continue to show improvement year after year and have out-scored other area schools in rec

Chamblee Middle School
Chamblee Middle School is a grade 6-8 school that is focused on student success and achievement. With after school activities and clubs such as orchestra, chess and academic teams and sporting teams like basketball, baseball, volleyball and cheerleading opportunities for enrichment abound. Chamblee Middle School is also rated a 7 from with favorable parent and student reviews. Foreign language emphasis continues from Ashford Park Elementary at Chamblee Middle School. Students can take classes in German, as well as Spanish.

Chamblee Charter High School
Chamblee Charter High School ranks #11 in the State of Georgia by US News and World Reports, as well as #272 nationally among all US High Schools. Chamblee Charter High School boasts 13 athletic teams and 60+ student clubs. With over 1300 enrolled, Chamblee Charter High School also ranks at a 7 by

The area is also served and easily accessible to many private schools within the Atlanta metro area and beyond.

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