5 Reasons You Want to Live in Sandy Springs, Georgia

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The Atlanta, GA City of Sandy Springs is situated in an ideal location, bordering the top end of the perimeter both inside and outside Atlanta’s I-285 perimeter. Divided by I-285, Sandy Springs can be split into two regions: the Upper Chastain region, an area with more luxury homes and higher price tags, and the Outer Sandy Springs area with more affordable single family housing.

Here are 5 reasons your should consider Sandy Springs as a possibility when shopping for your next home.

1. Location, Location, Location
Since this city is located inside and outside of Interstate 285, interstate accessibility is great. Sandy Springs is within minutes to I-85, Georgia State Route 400 and of course, Atlanta’s I-285 loop. The city is also within close proximity to Dunwoody, a popular office location for many Atlanta businesses.

2. Accessibility to Shopping, Convenience and Restaurants
Not only is Sandy Springs close to Interstates making travel and commuting easier, it’s close to shopping necessities and luxury goods. Perimeter Mall, Lenox Square Mall and Phipps Plaza are within minutes from the city. With these great shopping destinations comes great eating destinations too. The City of Sandy Springs houses many restaurants, but if you want to venture out, the great food and great sights in Atlanta are very easy to get to.

3. Access to Medical Facilities
You may read this one selling feature, access to medical facilities, and wonder why it’s a perk of living in Sandy Springs, but believe us, it is. With multiple hospitals and hundreds of medical offices within several miles of Sandy Springs, it’s a popular city of residence for medical faculty and staff.

4. Access to Private Educational Facilities and Schools
Education is important. If you intend for your children to attend a private school, Sandy Springs has many options. The accessibility to these schools is immense and allows for most children to become more involved within their school environment.

5. Sandy Springs is Affordable on Any Budget
Sandy Springs appeals to many buyers because of the diversity of homes available in the city. Bordered by Chastain Park and I-285, the Upper Chastain region has larger home sites and lots, with a large emphasis on luxury homes. If affordability is more appealing, the area of Sandy Springs located right above the perimeter, or the Outer Sandy Springs region has many options with established neighborhoods and new construction opportunities as well.