Make Your Home Even Smarter!

Amber Randhawa Homeowner and Homebuyer Tips

Have you already upgraded to a smart home thermostat, a robotic vacuum and camera enabled doorbell?  Today’s homes are getting smarter and smarter by the minute, and while these standard smart devices are far from old news, there are some new kids on the block as well.  New products are hitting the market all the time that can be programmed in advance, controlled by your smartphone or respond to your voice commands.

Weber iGrill

Move over simple digital meat thermometer! The iGrill includes probes that stay connected to the meat you are grilling, and are heat resistant up to 716 degrees. The magnetic base includes an LED display and connect via bluetooth to your smartphone to give you constant updates on the temperature of your food, and notifications when the meat is ready. Cooks can use preset time and temperature suggestions based on the cut of meat they are grilling, or customize for their own tastes.


The first “smart garden” to hit the market, Gartenzwerg is a fully automated system with which you can grow small fruits, vegetables and herbs year-round and indoors. The system comes with grow lights and temperature and humidity sensors, along with an app that monitors pH levels and notifies you when your gardening assistance is needed, and gives you instructions on exactly what to do. Plants grow up to three times faster because conditions are controlled to perfection, and use 90% less water.

AutoSlide Pet Door

The AutoSlide Pet Door solves two problems – it prevents the need to cut a hole in an existing door for use as a doggy door, and it allows you to automate opening and closing the door for your dog’s use.  Your dog wears a special pet tag so the door can sense when the dog needs to go out.  Then the device can be programmed to open your door just wide enough for your pet to fit through. The door closes behind your dog, and opens again when your pooch is ready to come back inside.  And, you can program the door to lock while closed, and unlock as needed.


If you’ve watched your robotic vacuum hard at work and thought, “I wish I could take care of my lawn this way!” then you’ll be happy to know that you can with the Automower. This robotic mower clips only a little grass at a time, but does so frequently, so that your lawn always looks professionally manicured. Built to withstand mild wet and rainy weather, the Automower will continue working in light rain, but will return to its charging station in heavy downpours. It can tackle sloping yards with ease and operates with very little noise.

MicroBot Push

Do you have an electronic component that you love too much to replace with a smarter version?  You can retrofit any device that uses push buttons into a smart device with the MicroBot, which simply presses the buttons for you. Enable Wifi and download the accompanying app, and you’ll be able to control your devices from anywhere. Automate light switches without purchasing all new bulbs, or make your garage door smarter without replacing the entire system. Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, coffee makers – all kinds of home appliances can be automated with this device.

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