Is Your Flower Garden For The Birds?

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Do you have a beautiful flower garden that never seems to attract the songbirds you long to hear singing in the morning? Or do you have the opposite problem – noisy birds that never give you a moment’s rest? Did you know that the color of your flowers and shrubs could be the reason why feathered friends are missing from your yard….or the reason your yard is so popular you’ve become an unintentional early-riser? A few exchanges and additions to your floral landscape can make the difference in what species of birds you can expect to see hanging out and enjoying the view.

Danger! Danger!

Birds have their own alert system, a way to signal to each other that danger is afoot and they should stay away.  One way they do this is with the color white – white feathers showing indicate danger and to keep away.  The same is true of flowers – white flowers in your garden act as bird repellent.  If you’d rather not have a full symphony outside your window early each morning, try removing some of the more colorful elements of your yard, and plant white shrubs and flowers instead.

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Likewise, if you want to attract more birds to your flower beds, you’ll need to add more color and gradually prune out the whiter elements. Try reds, pinks, oranges and yellows instead, especially if you are looking to attract hummingbirds, warblers, bluebirds and jays. Birds are so drawn to these brighter colors that scientists believe many flower varieties have actually evolved to have redder blooms over time.  This can be seen vividly in Australia, where more wild-growing plants produce red hues than any other color.

Why Red?

Why is red such a bird favorite? Some experts believe that bees are to blame! Bees tend to pass over red flowers – due to the way their eyes work, bees often simply do not see redder blooms. With no bee visitors landing on them first, red blooms tend to contain more of the nectar birds are looking for. Birdhouses, feeders and bird baths will also be more attractive to your feathered friends if painted or accented in red.

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