Atlanta is a Millennial Favorite!

Amber Randhawa Uncategorized

What you’ve probably already suspected is true – millennials love Atlanta! In a recent study, Atlanta was compared to 21 other similarly sized cities, which were all scored on nearly 40 metrics – from job availability and salaries to culture to traffic. When all survey responses were tallied, Atlanta ranked #2, behind only Houston, as the city offering the best value.

The one subject where Atlanta did not score well will probably also come as no surprise.  Millennials may love our city, but they do not love our traffic. While the volume of cars on the roadways was a major concern, respondents also mentioned Atlanta needing more and better public transportation options.

For more, read the full article on Curbed: Study: Millennials view Atlanta as No. 2 city in the country for ‘best value’, or check out the detailed survey from The Langston Co: 2019 US Cities Scorecard For Millennials.